Using the best technological tools to manage properties and leasing contracts, globally proven processes and a team of specialized professionals, we work to gather and keep updated the information of the properties rented by our clients. This information is available for consultation at any time, which allows our clients to make strategic decisions regarding their business and their real estate portfolio. Our services also include the management of expenses and income from lease and sublease contracts, for which we carry out the necessary interfaces with the owners and other agents involved, thus guaranteeing the efficient management of the contracts during their validity.

What is the Leasing Contracts Administration Department? 

Our Santiago office is integrated by a team of specialized professionals, aligned with the global processes of Portfolio Services developed in the Centers of Shared Services of CBRE around the world, where useful tools are developed for property management services and lease contracts, in order to provide the client with a local, regional or global vision of their real estate portfolio that allows them to optimize it.

What do we do and how?


  • All the content of your real estate portfolio is validated, uploaded and updated in electronic systems of Lease Administration (Sequentra®), with access via WEB, 24x7
  • Through a proactive management in the maintenance of the data and with a robust process of validation of these, we generate certainty in the information of the real estate portfolio
  • Management, control and visualization of property documentation: lease agreements, sublease, loan agreement, agreements, deeds, projects, permits for the operation, among others
  • Availability and visualization of real estate portfolio data in various formats: reports, dashbords, GoogleMaps, through the Portfolio Opmizer tool
  • Management of critical dates through the active control of real estate transactions in progress
  • Reports prepared according to the specific needs of each client

  • Active administration of lease and sublease contracts, involving:

    • Interfaces with the owners and other interested parties
    • Management of expenses and income
    • Audit and reconciliation of payments and receipts
    • Support for budgeting and budget control
    • Property management services