Andrés Cardona

Vice president Advisory & Transaction Services

Photo of andres-cardona

Professional Experience

With more than 12 years of experience, Andrés is the head of Advisory and Transaction Services for CBRE in Colombia. Andrés has a significant and impeccable track record in the industry, leading and participating in transactions of all kinds. Among others, capital investment, tenant representation services and agency services, exceeding more than $500 million USD in transactions. His profound knowledge of the Colombian real estate market and its peculiarities, as well as his financial- analytical tools have allowed him to protect his clients’ interest, maximize savings, and minimize risks inherent to large volume real estate transactions, through his team of innovative experts.

Among some of Andres´s most representative clients are: IBM, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, CIBC, GE, Sanofi Aventis, WeWork, Bayer, Bank of America, L´Oréal, Diageo, Tetrapak, PepsiCo.